Energy efficient air conditioning system in Ontario, CA

Whether you live in Ontario, CA or another Inland Empire city, air conditioning is important for your home! Summer temperatures tend to peak around August-September and many homeowners receive their highest utility bills. We have seen many over $800 in a single month. Others will experience air conditioning failure. There are solutions to both of these summer problems and ways to get an energy efficient air conditioning system.

The Air Conditioning Nightmare for Mrs. Johnson

Three weeks ago, I was on a routine call for an air conditioning system change out. After greeting the client when I arrived, I was hit with the warm, stale air that had been accumulating in the home. My client (who I will call Mrs. Johnson) laughed as we walked in and jokingly said, “it’s nice and cool in here, right?” Mrs. Johnson then explained how her air conditioning system was over 12 years old, had not been serviced properly, and it was her opinion that the system needed a full change out. I know Mrs. Johnson lives in a 2 bedroom condo with approximately 1,600 sq.ft. On inspection of the air conditioning system that had been installed 12 years ago, I determined it was undersized for the home. The system was only a 3-ton system and a 1,600 sq.ft. home requires a 4-ton air conditioning system to properly cool the living space. After making Mrs. Johnson aware of this, she stated that in the last 2 days since the air conditioning system failed she had 2 other so-called contractors out for an estimate and no one had ever mentioned the current air conditioning system was undersized or recommended a 4-ton air conditioning system.

Next, I asked Mrs. Johnson if she would prefer a smart thermostat for the new A/C system or simply a digital thermostat, and Mrs. Johnson laughed and said no one had even asked her if she wanted the thermostat replaced. It’s very important to upgrade to a new smart or digital thermostat when changing out the air conditioning system. I suggested to Mrs. Johnson to relocate the thermostat to a more central area of the home to get a more accurate reading and allow for proper cooling of the entire condo. We replaced her system with a 4 ton York Package AC/Heat System with new smart thermostat and 360 air vents. I made a suggestion to increase the air intake for the air conditioning system to make the system more efficient. Also, I suggested that we add an air scrubber to clean and filter the conditioned air. We both agreed this was the right product and ReHome Solutions was the right company to complete the project.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System in Ontario, CA

Since Mrs. Johnson was without air conditioning in August in California, I made it a priority to quick engage our technicians to order the parts and schedule the installation for the next day. In these types of emergency situations, ReHome Solutions always makes all efforts to accommodate. Since our local York Air Conditioning System supplier is open on Saturday’s we were able to pick up all the necessary parts and equipment and start on Mrs. Johnson’s project Saturday morning around 9 am. The entire process from start to finish took appropriately 9 total hours to complete.

After the install was completed we tested the system set the thermostat to 78 as recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy. This client will now have a system that will last 15+ years. ReHome Solutions will conduct yearly maintenance so that the system keeps the high energy efficiency and provides years of cooling!

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