Patio Door Replacement

Have you been considering a patio door replacement? Maybe you have some old French doors that have had better days. Maybe you’ve got a patio sliding door that doesn’t quite slide well. In this blog we will be giving you an overview of things to consider when deciding to replace your old patio door.

Patio Doors – A Gateway to an Extended Living Space

In many homes, the patio door is more that just an exterior door to the backyard, it is often the entry into your extended living space.  Is your patio area a place that you use often for relaxation or entertaining? Is there a scenic view or pool area that you’d like to have more visibility? How you use and style your patio and back yard area should be considered when choosing to either replace an existing door or upgrading to something new.

Your Patio Door – Is it Time to Replace?

The age of the door is probably the main reason to think about replacing it.  Over time, moisture, heat, and repeated use take their toll on the look and function of exterior doors. There are many benefits to replacing that old dinosaur of a door including energy efficiency, safety and appearance.

Sliding doors are probably the most common exterior door replacement. In Southern California, many older homes have old aluminum sliders.  As these doors age the aluminum begins to corrode and pit and the weather seals go bad. They become drafty and leaks occur.

The most common complaint of these doors is that they are too heavy and are difficult to roll open. Over time, the rollers at the bottom wear out and can no longer be repaired.

Older patio doors may also have single pane glass which is not very energy efficient. This glass is likely not safety or tempered glass which means the glass can break into shards that can be very dangerous.

Styles of Patio Doors

Do you want to open the doorway to more visibility or down size the door to create more wall space in your home? Do you want something with grid patterns in the door? Do you want a different type of door than what you have? What is your budget that you can work with? Are you looking for function, style or both?

Exterior patio doors come in a variety of styles and colors. You can replace with an updated slider, French doors, single door with sidelights, bi-fold doors, stackable sliders. They come in vinyl, wood, fiberglass and aluminum. Patio sliders can run from $1900 to up to $19,000 depending on type of door and construction that may be required.

Vinyl Sliding Glass Door – Replacing your existing slider with a vinyl slider is likely the least expensive and easiest replacement. A same sized retro fit slider can usually be replaced in a single day.  New vinyl sliders are also lighter and offer stainless steel rollers that last much longer. A stackable vinyl slider offers multiple sliding panels and can be used if you want to open the view.

French Doors – The fact that they can swing out makes them very popular. Keep in mind that if you are looking to replace an existing slider with French doors you will lose living space to accommodate the swing of the door.  Building in the wall may be required to fit the new sized door.  These can be purchased with or without grids and some can be purchased with blinds. French doors will take a bit more out of the pocket book especially when a build-in of the wall is necessary.

Bi-fold Patio Doors – Bi-fold patio doors can really bring the outdoors in, expand your living space and create drama. Going into this project, know that building out the wall or building in additional support may be required and you may lose wall space.  The size and added construction that come with these doors will reflect in the cost.

Benefits of Patio Door Replacement

No matter the style that you choose, patio door replacement can add value to your home environment.

  • Energy Efficiency: New doors offer Low E glass and double or triple pane glass creating more comfort in your home.
  • Safety: Locking systems on newer doors are more secure and glass is tempered.
  • Beauty: Styles and colors available can enhance the look of your home.
  • Easy Repairs: Most doors offer easy replacement glass packs or handle sets if they need replacement
  • Warranties: Warranties are available for 20 years for both glass and vinyl on many door systems

ReHome Solutions offers all types of patio door replacements. Contact us for information on your patio door project.

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