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Homeowners deal with a variety of roofing problems including leaks, missing or broken roof shingles and tiles, puddling, aging roofs, tears or holes in roofing, just to name a few.  Traditional roofing solutions can be costly and vary based on the problem and the type of roof system: shingle, tile or flat roof. The all-encompassing roofing solutions just might be metacrylics.

A Cost-Effective, Flexible and Sustainable Roofing Option

Metacrylics is a cost-effective fluid applied system that can be used for all kinds of roofing problems and on different types of roofing systems.  In addition, it can add longevity to an existing roof and can provide insulative cool roof benefits when applied in certain colors. Metacrylic systems and coatings have been in the market for nearly 40 years.  Father and son, Conrad and Mark Athenian, founded the company and the company continues to maintain their position as the standard for energy efficient coating products.

This type of product has been commonly used for commercial properties but due to its cost, insulative qualities and ease of application, it is finding its way to more residential properties.

Flat Roofs

It is a great product for flat roofs. Common problems with an older flat roof is leaking along the seams or around protrusions in the roof such as piping or skylights. Sagging in flat roofs can also create puddling in roof areas where roofs can tend to leak.  Flat roofs system also tend to have no attic space or a limited crawl space below the roof and therefore there is no way to adequately insulate the home. The Metacrylic application seals existing seams and protrusions and level out areas of the roof that are sagging. In certain colors, it also has a 90% reflectivity which will cool the roof and decrease energy costs in the home.

Tile Roofs

For clay or tile roofs it can be used to bring an old and faded roof back to a like-new state. As clay or tile roofs age, they tend to fade and absorb more moisture which can create additional weight load on the roof. Metacrylics seals tile roof systems helping to block moisture from absorption.  It also comes in over 30 different colors and can be used to bring back the original color or changed to create a new look to the home.

Shingle Roofs

Just like on a flat roof, Metacrylic can also be used on existing asphalt shingle roofs to seal down shingles and seal areas from leaking.

Sustainable Roof Solution

All these applications can extend the longevity of an existing roof system and put off the costly expense of a total roof replacement. When considering a complete tear-off of an existing roof system, much of what is removed is non-recyclable. With Metacrylics, coatings can be reapplied over the years to prevent unnecessary waste.

Metacrylics as a Roof Coating Application

The Metacrylics product is available in an acrylic or silicone formula and is either rolled or sprayed on in multiple layers.  An initial gel coating is used to seal seams and roof protrusions and to create a level surface across a flat roof system. The base and top coats are then applied in multiple layers to complete the process.  The more the layers applied, the longer the warranty.

Some benefits and features of Metacrylic roof systems include:

  • 5-30-year warranties available
  • Extend roof life
  • Reduced Interior temperatures and cooling costs
  • Reduced roof maintenance
  • Building code compliant
  • Class A fire rated
  • Low VOCs
  • Flexible and resilient

ReHome Solutions is an authorized provider of the Metacrylics roof system. If considering options to repair or renew your roof, ReHome Solutions can provide detailed information and pricing on this roof system alternative. Contact our main office today to learn more about your roof solution options.

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