On hot, sunny days, as the sun beats down on your home, your roof can become very hot.  This heat, in turn, warms up the air inside your attic which heats up your entire house. Whole house fans and ventilation can cool down your home, by circulating air and removing hot air from the living space. These attic or house fans save you from high energy costs and unwanted discomfort. We all love a cool breeze when we’re at home here in California, get yours going today.

Cool attic, cool house

ReHome Solutions, Inc. is proud to install quality attic fans and ventilation for property owners throughout Central and Southern California. With attic fans and proper ventilation, your home will stay much cooler, and you won’t have to blast your air conditioner just to get relief from the heat. We pride ourselves on quality in all that we do, and we keep our rates reasonable and affordable to serve our customers’ needs.

To learn more about the benefits of whole house fans and attic fans, call ReHome Solutions, Inc. today.

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The Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) Program makes purchasing and installing eligible energy-efficient and water-saving upgrades more affordable for homeowners. Start your home renovation project with no money down and get fixed rates and flexible terms of 5-20 years, with over 50 categories of eligible projects to choose from. And with our industry-leading consumer protection policies, you’ll be supported through every step of the process.


Ygrene provides financing to homeowners called Property Assessed Clean Energy, or P.A.C.E. financing. This allows you to finance home improvements by putting the financed amount on your property tax bill. Ygrene is available to residential and commercial property owners who are doing any project that creates renewable energy such as solar and high-efficiency heating and AC. Click the link below to see how Ygrene can help you reach your energy efficiency goals.