Converting a Window to an Exterior Door

One of the most common job requests that we receive is to replace an existing window with a door to the exterior of the home.  There are a variety of reasons that homeowners look to do this project including access to an outdoor living space, access to a new deck or flat roof area, creating more light for the interior of the home, or provide better view to a scenic area or to a pool or play area where they can keep an eye on their kids. There are plenty of beautiful outdoors we want to see in Southern California.

Whatever your reason, we can help you with expert construction, permitting, and door options that match your style and budget.

Open Your Home to the Outdoors

Some of the projects are from a window to a single door and others are to increase the opening to accommodate French doors, a single door with sidelights, or a sliding patio door.  There are multiple doors to choose from to create access to the outside and ReHome Solutions can provide you with solutions that best fit your needs. Converting a window to an exterior door can offer beauty and increased value to a home.

Exterior Door Options

When looking at door options, consider both the inside and outside area around the door. Consider the swing of the door: do you want it to open to the outside or to the inside? Would a patio slider work better for the space? Consider screening for the door. Not all door systems offer screening and your idea of bringing the outdoors in may not mean bringing in unwelcome critters.  What are you trying to accomplish with that new door? Simple access, increasing the view, or do you want to make a design statement for both the indoor or outdoor living space? There are all types of styles for single doors with glass, French doors, single or multi-panel sliders, accordion-type sliders or even full glass wall systems.

When considering changing out your window to a door system there are several things to keep in mind when undertaking this job.  Is there electrical or plumbing that will need to be moved? If you are looking to widen the space, be aware that there may structural changes such as replacing the header or adding bracing or support framing that will need to be done to protect the integrity of the home. Will a step or deck need to be built on the outside? Will the new door require a roof overhang to protect the door?

Converting a Window to an Exterior Door

Depending on how large you want to make the opening, it may require an engineer or architect to look at the project. There may even be building limitations on the property that will influence what you can do.  Most certainly, permitting and inspections will be required.

In general, costs can start around $2500 but as mentioned above, the size and type of door plus general construction work, electrical or plumbing, permitting and inspections will add on to this amount.  Keep in mind that replacing a window with a new exterior door can also bring beauty to your home and increase your property value.

From Los Angeles and Orange Counties to Riverside and San Bernardino, ReHome Solutions can assist you with all types of doors, all the construction work required, permits and any inspections necessary. So, if you’re looking to bring the outdoors in and to add value to your home, give us a call at 888-568-8668.

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