Homeowners deal with a variety of roofing problems including leaks, missing or broken roof shingles and tiles, puddling, aging roofs, tears or holes in roofing, just to name a few.  Traditional roofing solutions can be costly and vary based on the problem and the type of roof system: shingle, tile or flat roof. The all-encompassing roofing solutions just might be metacrylics.

A Cost-Effective, Flexible and Sustainable Roofing Option

Metacrylics is a cost-effective fluid applied system that can be used for all kinds of roofing problems and on different types of roofing systems.  In addition, it can add longevity to an existing roof and can provide insulative cool roof benefits when applied in certain colors. Metacrylic systems and coatings have been in the market for nearly 40 years.  Father and son, Conrad and Mark Athenian, founded the company and the company continues to maintain their position as the standard for energy efficient coating products.

This type of product has been commonly used for commercial properties but due to its cost, insulative qualities and ease of application, it is finding its way to more residential properties.

Flat Roofs

It is a great product for flat roofs. Common problems with an older flat roof is leaking along the seams or around protrusions in the roof such as piping or skylights. Sagging in flat roofs can also create puddling in roof areas where roofs can tend to leak.  Flat roofs system also tend to have no attic space or a limited crawl space below the roof and therefore there is no way to adequately insulate the home. The Metacrylic application seals existing seams and protrusions and level out areas of the roof that are sagging. In certain colors, it also has a 90% reflectivity which will cool the roof and decrease energy costs in the home.

Tile Roofs

For clay or tile roofs it can be used to bring an old and faded roof back to a like-new state. As clay or tile roofs age, they tend to fade and absorb more moisture which can create additional weight load on the roof. Metacrylics seals tile roof systems helping to block moisture from absorption.  It also comes in over 30 different colors and can be used to bring back the original color or changed to create a new look to the home.

Shingle Roofs

Just like on a flat roof, Metacrylic can also be used on existing asphalt shingle roofs to seal down shingles and seal areas from leaking.

Sustainable Roof Solution

All these applications can extend the longevity of an existing roof system and put off the costly expense of a total roof replacement. When considering a complete tear-off of an existing roof system, much of what is removed is non-recyclable. With Metacrylics, coatings can be reapplied over the years to prevent unnecessary waste.

Metacrylics as a Roof Coating Application

The Metacrylics product is available in an acrylic or silicone formula and is either rolled or sprayed on in multiple layers.  An initial gel coating is used to seal seams and roof protrusions and to create a level surface across a flat roof system. The base and top coats are then applied in multiple layers to complete the process.  The more the layers applied, the longer the warranty.

Some benefits and features of Metacrylic roof systems include:

  • 5-30-year warranties available
  • Extend roof life
  • Reduced Interior temperatures and cooling costs
  • Reduced roof maintenance
  • Building code compliant
  • Class A fire rated
  • Low VOCs
  • Flexible and resilient

ReHome Solutions is an authorized provider of the Metacrylics roof system. If considering options to repair or renew your roof, ReHome Solutions can provide detailed information and pricing on this roof system alternative. Contact our main office today to learn more about your roof solution options.

Homeowners in the Southern California desert areas such as the Inland Empire have a unique set of challenges when it come to making their homes as energy efficient as possible.  Excessive temperatures and the architecture of desert homes create multi-level insulation issues that need to be addressed through a variety of solutions. We have a way to deliver an energy efficient desert home.

A Desert Home Energy Challenge

In 2015, ReHome Solutions met with a couple -Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher- who have a vacation home in a Palm Desert residential community.  Both Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher built their careers working for a major utility company here in Southern California and are committed to finding ways to decrease energy usage and minimize their carbon footprint on the planet.

They initially called ReHome Solutions in search of insulation solutions. Their main concerns were a desire to decrease their energy usage and insulating their home against radiant heat coming into the home.

Mr. Fletcher describes summer in Palm Desert as “relentless” with days and days where the temperature stays above 90 degrees. Prior to meeting with the Fletchers, Mr. Fletcher had already measured the roof and ceiling temperatures. On an average summer day, the roof temperatures were as high as 160 to 170 degrees, with attic temps around 140 degrees and ceiling temperatures measuring 95 degrees. The rooms on the South and East side of the home also heated up in the afternoon. The radiant heat from the sun was entering through the roof and walls and into the home.

Part of the challenge was that areas of the home had high vaulted ceilings, while other areas had a flat roof, and some areas had little to no attic space.  Traditional attic insulation alone would not solve this problem. This job would require a multi-level energy efficiency strategy to effectively lower the heat in the home.

The Energy Efficiency Solution

Here are the steps taken to make this desert home energy efficient:

  • In the attic areas, Owens Corning L-77 insulation was blown in to the measure of R-38.
  • Radiant Barrier was added to over 1200 SF of the attic space to help reflect radiant heat that was coming through the roof.
  • Since wall insulation was not required by building codes when their home was built, wall insulation was added on the South and East facing walls that received the worst of the afternoon sun.
  • The second phase of the project, Metacrylics, a reflective cool roof coating, was applied on the roof. The Fletchers had the standard white coated gravel roof as other homes in the community, but it required maintenance every three years or so. The Metacrylics application not only provided insulation to the home, it also resolved the continued maintenance problem as this product can offer up to a 30-year warranty depending on it’s application.

What were the results of these efforts? In the heat of the day, the roof temperature was decreased by 30-50 degrees, attic temps decreased, and ceiling temps were decreased by nearly 15 degrees.  Overall, the home temperatures are more moderate, and the air conditioning does not have to be turned on until late in the day.

Can You Have an Energy Efficient Desert Home?

With the more manageable temperatures, the Fletcher’s were also able to reduce the size of their air conditioning unit.  In total, the decrease in power usage in the home went from 75-kilowatt usage per day to approximately 40-45 kilowatt usage per day. That’s up to 40% less energy usage every day!

The Fletchers were so pleased with the results, they have referred other customers from their desert community and the list continues to grow. In the last two years ReHome Solutions has helped dozens of homeowners with their energy efficiency needs. By providing a comprehensive strategy of attic and wall insulation, radiant barrier and Metacrylic cool roof systems, ReHome Solutions is helping to cool homes across the Southern California desert.

Roofing replacement could be your home’s most critical area to address when considering remodeling. Your flat roof, tile roof, or shingle roof system and design play a major role in your home’s energy efficiency, safety, and curb appeal. When considering roof repair and replacement options, there are many choices and each has positives and negatives. Hiring the right roofing contractor can make selecting the right materials easier and more affordable. In the end, you should have a beautiful roof that will last 20 – 30 years.

Recommended Roofing Repair and Replacement Products

Metacrylics Roof Coatings – The Metacrylics acrylic and silicon systems have been around for over 30 years. Most residential homeowners are not aware of these products due to the fact roof coating products have mostly been marketed on a commercial scale. Roof coating products are available to restore flat roofs, shingled roofs, metal roofs, and even tile roofs. They are one of the most effective way to own an energy efficient roof.

The benefits of a Metacrylics roof coating are many! You receive a leak free warranty for 5 – 30 years (depending on the product), an application process that eliminates seams so you can’t have a seam leak, a variety of colors to choose from, and decrease in roof temperature of 20 – 35 degrees. Best of all, a roof coating can save you 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of a roof replacement. Your shingles or tiles will no longer be sliding off. They’re coated and secured.

Metacrylics offers a full range of products such as roofing repair elastomeric gel that is used to make major roofing repairs or minor roofing repairs. We can also use acrylic roofing coating products such as acrylic primer tile and stone primer acrylic base with 30 different color options. Silicone coating options are also available. Your ReHome consultant will walk you through the best option for your home’s needs.

Owens Corning Shingle Roofing – If you need to replace your roof, go with the best. Owens Corning replacement products are the industry’s standard for high quality materials. Owens Corning offers cool roofing shingles that meet all Energy Star standards and provide lower roofing temperatures that translates to a cooler house. Full shingle roofing replacement requires a complete shingle tear off and roof decking replacement to upgraded radiant barrier roof decking. The most important part of every shingle repair or replacement project is working with highly skilled professional roofing contractors. From start to finish you will be in good hands with ReHome Solutions.

A shingle, tile, or flat roofing replacement requires choosing the right underlay product. This is a critical decision that can determine the reliability of your new roof. ReHome Solutions offers peel and stick membrane underlayment to ensure your roof and home is protected. As mentioned above, most of the replacement products come in a variety of colors. You will want to strike a balance between style and efficiency since the color you select can impact the energy efficiency of your roof. We can provide samples to make the process easy and hassle free.

Roof Estimator in Ontario, CA

ReHome Solutions is located in Ontario and offers roofing repair and replacement evaluations at no cost. As part of every visit you will receive a detailed roof project scope and warranty with a price in writing. We are able to answer your questions on product and install warranties and timelines for completion. ReHome Solutions only employs the best roofing contractors in California!

Each morning as the sun rises in the east, homes across Ontario, CA and all of Southern California begin to absorb the radiant heat from the sun on eastern facing walls. The type of material you have for your wall construction and the amount of wall and attic insulation you have is the only protection you have to help cool your home. In this blog we will describe our strategies for cooling a home from top to bottom!

Hours of Warming Every Day

This is just the start of a very intense battle with heat your home fights everyday. Around 9am – 10am each day, the sun’s radiant heat begins to bake the eastern side of your home’s roof as the sun makes the full pass to the west, heating your roof to extreme temperatures with each hour. Your roof is exposed to sunlight for 70% of the day. Roof surface temperatures can reach 150 degree or more! These extreme roof temperatures then heat up the attic space to temperatures of 110-145 degrees. As the sun begins to set in the west, your Inland Empire home begins to take direct radiant heat to the western-facing wall, heating up your stucco walls in most cases. The reason we are always hot in the home is because the building envelope (walls, roof, attic, windows, and doors) has a limit of how much extreme temperature it can resist.

Your roof and attic act like an oven, transferring heat into the home all day and night.

Cooling a Home from Top to Bottom

To solve this problem, ReHome Solutions starts from the top and works our way down. This will save you the most money each month in the future.

Energy Efficient Roofing – A well-built, cool roofing system such as Metacrylics cool roofing products can drop roof temperatures 10-50 degrees. This prevents a massive heat buildup in your attic and begins a process of keeping your home in Ontario, CA cool. Other cool roofing poduct such as Owens Corning Roofing Shingles provide homeowners with many energy efficient solutions. They are Energy Star Rated options that can block a significant amount of heat from ever entering your home.

Energy Efficient Insulation – The next step to improving your homes energy efficiency is updating your attic insulation. Although traditional methods of insulation such as Owens Corning R38-R60 Attic Insulation would be important, you should also consider products such as Radiant Barrier. Attic insulation is applied to the floor of the attic space and Radiant Barrier is applied to the roof rafters in the attic to block Radiant heat gain from the roof. Adding Radiant Barrier can drop attic temperatures 25-35 degrees. The process is simple: if you cool the attic, you cool the home.

The next step to protecting your Inland Empire home from the extreme summer heat is to upgrade your exterior wall insulation. When considering this upgrade, ReHome Solutions can upgrade to R-11-R-19 Owens Corning Exterior Wall Insulation. This upgrade should at  least be considered for the western and eastern facing walls. For maximum savings, all exterior walls should be upgraded. The results of this home energy efficiency upgrade will be a cooler home in the summer and a more comfortable living environment.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning – Think of all the heat your air conditioning system and in-home ducting absorb, causing your A/C to run all day and night. It can cost you a small fortune. With the roofing and insulation upgrades already mentioned, you can now expect your HVAC system to work with much higher efficiency.

When considering air conditioning system upgrades, first look at the often-ignored solution of air duct repair and replacement. It can be a very fast return on investment. Air ducts are a key factor when delivering cool air throughout your home. R8 Insulated Air Ducts are recommended and provide energy efficiency.

Hire a Professional to Cool Your Whole House

For more information on how to become more comfortable and energy efficient simply call 909-781-5997 or email us at info@rehomesolutions.com.

Metacrylics Roofing Cool-Coating Solution


Whether you are looking for a way to increase your roof’s durability to prevent leaks, or you want to reduce how much heat it generates, Metacrylics can achieve both. The Rehome Solutions team uses Metacrylics because it is not only affordable but is also very resilient to the elements. Furthermore, it can be used to protect flat or low sloped roofing structures while also making your building more energy efficient. Lets dive into why Metacrylics is the right solution for your needs.


Unmatched Durability


Metacrylics has the ability to withstand hailstorms, earthquakes, floods, and extreme temperature changes. It has been used for more than 37 years in commercial and residential applications in varying climates. From the scorching deserts to freezing polar environments, it can withstand just about anything mother nature can throw at it.

Its strength comes from its design. Metacyrlics describes their product as a layered, watertight blanket of elastomeric acrylics, encapsulating a durable stitch bonded polyester fabric. This allows it to withstand 10 times the stress of standard applications. And because Metacrylics coating solution is so durable, it has a diverse range of industry applications, such as for retail, universities, and small business. Some of their customers include Apple, San Jose State University, and Orchard Supply Hardware.

It can be applied to protect a wide range of materials from the environment, including plywood, tar and gravel roofs, corrugated metal, EPDM, tile and many more roof coatings. Whether you are starting a new construction project, retrofitting, or reinforcing building roofs, Metacrylics can meet the needs of any job.


Energy Efficiency and Affordability


Unlike other competitors, Metacrylics proudly publishes that their product has a 98.9% luminous reflectance. This means that nearly all of the sunlight that would normally be absorbed into traditional roofs gets reflected. This reduces the overall building’s temperature and helps cut back on your energy usage. This helps considerably during the hot months of summer when you want to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without the hefty price tag.

In addition to its money-saving abilities, it can also help reduce the heat island effect that man metropolitan areas. These areas often have increased temperatures due to the heat that is absorbed by roofs. At night, this heat is released, prolonging the cool down of the air temperature. So while you are saving money, you can also help reduce your energy usage, and lower the chances of power outages that setback business productivity or interrupt your weekend activities.

Metacrylics also has an upper hand on traditional roofs when it comes to affordability. For installation, a Metacrylic coated roof will on average be half the cost of a traditional roof. And when the time arrives for maintenance, the only coats that need to be reapplied are the primer and the acrylic color. Rather than having to reach deep into your pockets to maintain a traditional aging roof, you can simply renew your Metacrylic coating again and again without the financial strain. And on top of that, you will have a 30-year warranty, further reducing upkeep costs, while also putting your mind at ease.  

With Rehome Solutions, you can have our team apply Metacrylics to your roof for greater durability, affordability, and energy efficiency. Invest in the future of your energy usage, and achieve greater sustainability as you do your part in protecting the environment by going green.  



Affordable and Energy Efficient Shingle Roofs


Homeowners and businesses in Southern California are facing record breaking heat this summer. This will lead to an increase in energy usage, resulting in higher monthly bills. Everyone wants to be comfortable, whether they are lounging around the house on the weekend, or getting work done at the office. When sweltering heat strikes, most people crank up the fans or run their air conditioning all day. But many overlook how their roof contributes to increased temperatures indoors. This causes a decrease in energy efficiency and an increase in the cost.

Most of us leave the thermostat at around 72 degrees if we want to remain comfortable indoors. However, for each degree that you increase your thermostat, you are saving about 3% on your energy bill. Rather than having to increase the thermostat to save money, investing in energy efficient roofing with Rehome Solutions can help you remain cool while saving money.


How Your Roof Affects Temperature  


            One of the main aspects of your roof you should be concerned about is how much sunlight it reflects. Homes that suffer from low energy efficient roofing can see a difference of 50 to 60 degrees in their roof temperature when compared to an energy efficient roof. Rehome Solutions offers ENERGY STAR qualified shingle roofs  that will allow you to reflect more sunlight, reducing the temperature of your roof by around 60 percent when compared to standard dark roofs.

So how exactly does a reflective shingle roof keep the internal temperature down? A perfect analogy of how this works is provided by Michell van Tijenl and Rebecca Cohen in  “Features and Benefits of Cool Roofs: The Cool Roof Rating Council Program.” They say the difference is similar to someone that wears a black shirt on a hot day rather than a white shirt. A black shirt absorbs more of the sun, causing the individual’s skin to be much hotter. On the other hand, a white shirt reflects more of the sunlight, keeping an individual’s skin much cooler than if they had worn a black shirt.


The Full Benefits


First and foremost, shingle roofs are very affordable. Regardless of what your budget is, you will be able to find a solution that fits your needs. What contributes to their affordability is the ease of its installation. This requires fewer days of work to get your roof working for your energy bill. And do not worry, Rehome Solutions’ shingle roofing solution comes in a variety of colors and styles so that you can ensure your house can look the way you want it to.

Another benefit that is quite often overlooked is the environmental implications. According to the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), cool roofs can improve air quality to reduce the chances of having smog-related health issues, like heat stroke and asthma. Roofs also directly affect the outside temperature. Cities with darker roofs experience anywhere between 2 to 8 degrees warmer temperatures because these roofs absorb the heat all day, then release this heat at night. This phenomenon makes it harder for the air temperature to get cooler, causing these higher temperatures to be maintained longer. In turn, people run their air conditioning throughout the night. This puts a strain on the grid, increasing the likelihood that there will be a power outage due to the increase in energy demand.

By investing in energy efficient shingle roofs, you will save you money on your next bill, while remaining cooler during these hot summer months. And while staying cool is on our minds right now, our shingle roofs can also keep you warmer when we enter into the winter months. So start reducing your energy bill now with Rehome Solutions, and sit back while you enjoy cooler indoor temperatures without breaking the bank.