Reflective Insulation Technology Comes to California

Reflective insulation installed in an attic

Reflective insulation technology is finding its way into California homes to help homeowner’s fight rising energy costs and create a more comfortable environment. This technology is truly out of this world, but don’t worry – it’s NASA approved! History of Reflective Insulation Technology The technology has actually been around for nearly a century, but it […]

Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas

Bathroom remodeling design ideas

Your bathroom is one of the most private areas of your home. It needs to be both a functional and comfortable living area. Our goal is to make your bathroom remodeling project a hassle free experience. A proper remodel requires planning and selecting the right materials that will create your ideal bathroom. Bathroom Remodeling Cost […]

Roof Repair and Replacement Options

roof repair and replacement options

Roofing replacement could be your home’s most critical area to address when considering remodeling. Your flat roof, tile roof, or shingle roof system and design play a major role in your home’s energy efficiency, safety, and curb appeal. When considering roof repair and replacement options, there are many choices and each has positives and negatives. […]

Would You Like an Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System?

Energy efficient air conditioning system in Ontario, CA

Whether you live in Ontario, CA or another Inland Empire city, air conditioning is important for your home! Summer temperatures tend to peak around August-September and many homeowners receive their highest utility bills. We have seen many over $800 in a single month. Others will experience air conditioning failure. There are solutions to both of […]

The Most Expensive Air Conditioning System


The most expensive air conditioning system could be the one you have in your house right now. If your A/C is constantly running or your summer air conditioning bills are higher than they could be, you own the most expensive air conditioner in Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, or wherever your home is located. Congratulations? Sadly, you’re […]