Roof tiles for the value of going solar

I have lived in southern California for my entire life. That being said, I have learned quite a few things over the years. Seasons are more of a quaint notion than a fact of life in California. Rather than having fall, winter, spring, and summer, we have three and a half summers and a few […]

Replacing construction grade windows

by: Cyndi Beaver I love the windows in my home. But until recently I had no idea if they are “construction grade windows”. The light shining through makes my home so bright and inviting. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we bought the home. What never occurred to me was having to replace them. […]

Best ideas for a bathroom remodeling project

Are you looking into remodeling your bathroom or simply updating you bathroom? If so we wanted to share important considerations when deciding on your scope or the scale of your remodeling project. When it comes to your redesign project, these are some best ideas for a bathroom remodel. Cost and Function When you start to […]

Kitchen Remodel function and flow

by: Cyndi Beaver When looking to do a kitchen remodel you will want to look at more than the style and look of the kitchen. Consider how you want your kitchen to “function and flow” for your home and lifestyle when you are ready to do a kitchen remodel.  What will you need in your […]

Converting a Window to an Exterior Door

One of the most common job requests that we receive is to replace an existing window with a door to the exterior of the home.  There are a variety of reasons that homeowners look to do this project including access to an outdoor living space, access to a new deck or flat roof area, creating […]