Kitchen Remodel Function and Flow

Kitchen Remodel function and flow

by: Cyndi Beaver When looking to do a kitchen remodel you will want to look at more than the style and look of the kitchen. Consider how you want your kitchen to “function and flow” for your home and lifestyle when you are ready to do a kitchen remodel.  What will you need in your […]


Converting a Window to an Exterior Door

Converting a Window to an Exterior Door

One of the most common job requests that we receive is to replace an existing window with a door to the exterior of the home.  There are a variety of reasons that homeowners look to do this project including access to an outdoor living space, access to a new deck or flat roof area, creating […]

Metacrylics – The Alternative Roofing Solution

Metacrylics - Alternative Roofing Solutions - real roof photograph

Homeowners deal with a variety of roofing problems including leaks, missing or broken roof shingles and tiles, puddling, aging roofs, tears or holes in roofing, just to name a few.  Traditional roofing solutions can be costly and vary based on the problem and the type of roof system: shingle, tile or flat roof. The all-encompassing […]

Patio Door Replacement

Patio Door Replacement

Have you been considering a patio door replacement? Maybe you have some old French doors that have had better days. Maybe you’ve got a patio sliding door that doesn’t quite slide well. In this blog we will be giving you an overview of things to consider when deciding to replace your old patio door. Patio […]

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Energy Efficient Desert Homes

Energy Efficient Desert Home Roofing

Homeowners in the Southern California desert areas such as the Inland Empire have a unique set of challenges when it come to making their homes as energy efficient as possible.  Excessive temperatures and the architecture of desert homes create multi-level insulation issues that need to be addressed through a variety of solutions. We have a […]